Sunday, March 02, 2008

Regionals Banquet, Bozeman

At Regionals every year the teams from the west come together to celebrate the end of another season of racing with a banquet, most of the time themed for dress-up, where senior bibs are given out, some of the season's race prizes awarded, and teams get a chance to mingle with one another (both alpine and nordies together... wow!). It's usually a pretty good time, but man this year was really rockin. With a prom theme determined by MSU, the WolfPack went all out with their attire, though the men pretty much showed the ladies up and won the prom court title, with Coach August being dubbed Prom King, alongside Greta in his top hat. Chelsea also made an appearance on stage when she picked up her two podium prizes (awesome!), and Paige, Kara, Dom and Matt all picked up a senior bib and got to say a little farewell to college racing on the microphone. Overall, the night was fun, the food was actually pretty good, and everyone looked super sharp to wrap up the season before heading to bed with just one last race ahead in Bozeman.
Ladies, classy as always...

Guys, looking very Suave Rico

And believe it or not they were stylish enough to win prom court!!

And he was even prom king...! The No was really bringin the heat tonight...

And Chelsea wins a cool prize from New Mexico. Way to go!

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