Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ski Team backs the Pack @ Swim meet

Our Nordic Team was supporting the Wolfpack Swimming meeting yesterday at Nevada's victory against Fresno State. We helped out as timers at the different swimming events. Here are some pictures of the event:

Happy Halloween and.... KEEP NEVADA SKIING!

Happy Halloween Ranch Time Trail

1) Ase   24:59 (PR)

1) August B.     40:07
2) Gus               41:06 (PR)
3) Trygve          43:46 (PR)
4) Elias              44:02 (PR)
5) Kelly             46:38 (PR)
6) Jonathan        50:00

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

freezing temperatures & snowfall in Reno

Get Fired Up Like Elias and Gus...

... because the biggest little city in the world reported snow fall last night!
During the Wednesday morning rollerski interval session, we didn't exceed freezing temperatures. Hopefully the Sierra gets some snow out of this.

"Real skiers ski up hill..." Elias and Gus during their intervals today...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

community service: work day

Here are some pictures from today: Nordic and Alpine Team combined gettin it done...we helped collect dead wood on the forest floor in order to prevent big fires. The larger trees were quartered for firewood and stacked on the side of the road, the smaller deadwood was collected into burn piles.

Thanks Tahoe Donner and Gary for your support... KEEP NEVADA SKIING.

DON'T FORGET: Monday 26th of October (tomorrow), pasta feed at the Little Waldorf in Reno... come and support the Nevada Ski Team: 5:30 pm!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Early Season Snow in Czech Republic Reports Alumni

It is snowing here today, but Europe already received its first large dump and Jan (Hanza) and Jakub sent in some photos of the early season skiing in Rymarov!

Jan Vykoukal 2007, Jakub Benes (FarWest Skier)

Jakub Benes (FarWest Skier) Rocking the Wolf Pack Warm-UP

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boca Time Trail, Freestyle Roller-ski

This was our first mass start roller-ski race, and it was amazing. We started in the lake effect fog and climbed into the sun. The women's course finished on top of the first categorized climb and the men's on top of the second. The women's course was 8.2 km and the men's course was 11.6 km. We tried to have everyone on Marwe's so the race was close to even! The PACK stayed together for the first three km, then August B. made a move, which broke things up a bit. The next move came on the first categorized climb, and proved to be the move that would last. Here are some photos and the results on the line:

1) Ian 32:08
2) Elias 32:14
3) August B. 32:24
4) Trygve 32:35
5) Lutz 32:53
6) Gus 33:35
7) Kelly 35:17

1) Ase 23:54

Warming up near the start

The Start

Just after the first attack

Elias, August B, Ian


Ase go girl go

The first climb

Kelly and Ase

Ase at the women's finish

The start of the second climb

Out of the fog

and up into the sun!

Gus going for the sun!

Ian holding off a late charge from Elias
Almost at the top!

The finish!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

video Donner Pass TT

Some videos from the Donner Pass Time Trail today...

Trygve finishing...

Elias finishing...

Gus finishing...

Kelly, Ase, and August B finishing...

Donner PASS Classic TT

There was no wind, in the crisp fall morning today; the weather could not have been better for the calssic Donner pass time trial. Elias had the fastest time of the day and was only 3 seconds off his PR! Everyone else had a PR... way to go... we are on our way. Great job today team.

Ase 0:39:37 PR
Trygve 0:30:51 PR
Kelly 0:36:20 PR
Gus 0:31:50 PR
Elias 0:29:34
August B. 0:32:15 PR

Jonathan 0:35:15 (Skating PR)






August B.


Here are some photos from this weeks interval block

Elias 3x10 min, 3 min rest L-3

Ase 3x8 min, 3 min rest L-3

Jonny and Elias on there cool down

Lutz and Gus


The men's team at the start of the WAC open 8 km

Ase still holding strong in the WAC open 5 km