Monday, February 23, 2009

The races in Harbin

Hello everyone,
I'm enjoying my last hours here in China and I'm happy to fly back to Reno tomorrow to back the Pack again and to prepare for NCAA's. First at all, I was really excited to hear that the Wolfpack finished 3rd at home at Regionals that was awesome and I'm a little bit sad that I was not part of it.
My races here in China didn't go as I wanted to. During the skate race on Friday my legs got stiff after about 2 km and I was still a little tired from the opening ceremony, bottom line I finished 58th and that was not what I expected, neither did it reflect my shape from 2 weeks ago in Winter Park. The Sprint on Saturday was okay. I haven't done a sprint in over a year but the 1.5 km skate course did fit me pretty good and finishing 54th made me wonder if I'm a better sprinter these days?! I knew I wasn't and went pretty motivated in to the pursuit race today. Nevertheless, coming from high elevation I was not used to the fast pace at the beginning and didn't find a good rhythm on the classic course which made me question my actual shape. After I switched to the skate skis I felt pretty good and my skis were running really well so that I was able to pick up 7 spots. Towards the end I could feel that training and racing at high elevation was paying off and I felt better. The 53rd place in the end was not what I expected again but oh well... I'm looking forward to go back to Reno tomorrow and enjoying some Tahoe skiing. Our team here wanted me to stay longer and they seem a little sad that I have to leave but I have some test coming up and for NCAA's I will have to skip another week of school so there is no way to stay longer here. It was a great time and my biggest concern, the food, was not too bad at all. After my "Schnitzel-pasta" breakfast in Harbin I have to say our food here in the Hotel was very "western world" style and there was everything for breakfast (oatmeal and toast etc.) as well as lunch and dinner (of course a lot of rice...). After the pricegiving ceremony tonight (our Nordic Combined team won silver in the relay after gold in the individual on Friday already) I will pack the rest of my bags and fly back to Beijing-San Francisco-Reno...

Finishing the 10 km skate race... definitely not my best one, but it was fun to ski at an event like this.
In our wax cabin before the start. I was still in a positive mood at this time... a little bit disappointed later tho...

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