Thursday, September 24, 2009

Training Camp Downieville, CA

Hi everyone,

here are some pictures and video of the training camp last week in Downieville, CA together with the Alpiners. Really successful trip in my opinion. Great campsite, lots of hours and a beautiful area.

Don't forget to get your burger with a ski team coupon next week at the Little Waldorf in Reno + "Spaghetti feed" on Monday at 5:30 pm!!!

double pole Rollerskiing session on Saturday morning

scavenger hunt team Wheelie: Lutz, Elias, Cam, Nicole, Erica, DavidGus during the double pole session...

Kelly, August, and Trygve during the DP session...

Ase, Kristin, and August T. during the DP session...

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