Thursday, December 31, 2009

Women's Team Training Camp Bozeman, MT

The Nevada Women's Team is currently at a month long training camp in Bozeman, MT over Christmas break.

Here is a peek into the daily life of the team:

The day starts bright and early with a daily walk. Here the team poses with Bjorn, the team mascot. He is half-wolf.

Then the team prepares their specialty oatmeal. Sorry Lutz, it is still eaten in the car...

Next, physical therapy exercises are completed. Here Ase recieves help from the team physical therapist (Ase's sister) in completing her exercises.

Here Kristin does core exercises.

Then the team gets changed for training.

The team has been lucky with the weather. Kristin smiles for the camera at Lindley park in downtown Bozeman.

Kristin skis up a hill.

Ase works on her technique.

Kristin and Ase classic ski at Bozeman Creek.

The team tucks down a hill at Bohart.

The team has been skiing hard and is looking forward to the upcoming races!!!

We miss you men's team!!!


Ase Carlson said...

What is everyone else up to during break... ;)

Anonymous said...

If you need a bowl for your oatmeal... there should be still one in the gold yukon... :-/

looks like you're doing well... keep it up!

August said...

The womens team... love it! See you 2 soon

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