Monday, January 05, 2009

-15F.... Race Canceled, again...

Hello all-
We are up in Anchorage, with most of the US nordic world and it is cold. Very Cold. Sorry I do not have any photos, we will try to have some up soon,  if and when we have a race . Hope all is well, and worm where ever you might be, check back soon, for more Wolf Pack news.


Mike said...

Why was the race canceled? I mean 15 below is pretty darn cold; was that why?

I was reading through your older entries and some of those pictures are really cool. The balance training ones on the fence are awesome as are the ones doing low altitude training (I don't even know what you guys are riding though).

We're looking for more skiing coverage at, the largest college sports site on the net. We've got a great photos section too that I think you should upload some of those shots too- your program will get more coverage and people can read about Nevada's ski team (a lot of people don't know much about skiing programs- myself included even though I ski).

Our blogs are free and simple, and come with a built-in audience. Take a look at the site and let me know what you think at

Hope to hear from you soon. Stay warm!


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