Monday, January 19, 2009

back in the lower 48...

After our journey from Anchorage to Aspen, through Seattle and Denver, we got some really nice days of skiing in before the races last weekend. The sun and Aspen was treating us pretty well in order to finish third on the Nordic side for the weekend (results can be found on the nevadawolfpack homepage). Here are some impressions from the training days as well as the Aspen city sprint on Saturday night. After 3 weeks on the road the winter break comes to an end today and school starts tomorrow (on Chelsea's Birthday... happy Birthday Chelsea) again. We'll return to action in about 3 weeks for more College racing in Winter Park, CO.

Vincent getting ready to go Alpine skiing after claiming second in the city sprint the night before

The Aspen City Sprint Final: Vincent Caccamo (Wolfpack) - Kevin Höchtl (Rossignol)

Womens Final 100% Nevada: Kristin - Ase

Womens semi-final: Martina Stursova (Rossignol) - Ase (Wolfpack)

The Wolfpack semi-final: Vincent - Jonathan... Vincent took it

Jonathans quarterfinal against Ryan Scott from MSU

Round of Best 16: Sprintstar Caccamo - Coach DeCarufel

Round of Best 16: Elias - Miles Havlick

Vincent during his warm up... good thing he looked better sprinting than warming up

Gus training on the Owl Creek race course

Vincent training on the Owl Creek race course

... in the downhill...

RMISA skier of the week Chelsea Holmes training on the Owl Creek race course

Team training

Charlie and Gus at kilometer 2 of the Owl Creek race course

August balancing it down the bridge

from - 10 F and lots of clothing to 35 F and sunscreen, the first workout in Aspen after the Alaska adventure